User Guide and FAQs

N.B. Options available may differ over time and depending on your setup.

1. This is the dashboard of the Research Hub. Clicking here will always bring you back to this home page.

2. Our Services provides access to more information on how we help advisers.

3. RSMR Plus gives you details of further services you may be interested in.

4. You can edit your profile and information under My Account.

5. User Guide links to this page.

6. Click Menu to view the category list: passive and active funds, SRI, DFM and more.

7. This is the search function. Clicking here brings a box in which you can enter your search word. The site is then searched for all documents containing this word.

8. Add funds and other documents to your favourites by clicking the heart next to them. They become available for quick access under the Favourites tab.

9. Clicking Read More will open the fund page for this fund (see below). For fund profiles or documents, this button will read Download.



10. This screen appears when clicking through to read more about a fund. Here we show the fund name, sector and a brief introduction to the fund management group.

11. These tabs show you the fund information - manager details, fund objectives etc.

12. Clicking on Download Factsheet opens the factsheet as a PDF document - and includes the quantitative factsheet from FE Analytics. You can then choose to save it or print it if you want to.

13. For some funds we have a detailed Fund Profile - where this is available you will see the Download Profile box - clicking it opens the profile and you can then choose to save it or print it if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines whether a fund is rated?

We apply a methodology covering both quantitative and qualitative screens. The methodology can be found here (or alternatively in the 'Related Documents' section of the active fund list).

Can I print the Rated Fund List?

Yes - you can download a print-friendly copy of the relevant rated fund list from the 'Related Documents' button at the top of each section.

Can I filter my search?

Yes - you can filter by Provider and Sector using the drop-downs at the top of a factsheet list.

Can I find out what changes have been made recently to the lists?

Yes - the 'recent reviews' document can be downloaded from the 'Related Documents' section at the top of the fund lists.

How can I reset my password?

If you are logged in, go to 'My Account' and click 'Change password'. If you are not logged in, click 'Log in' on the top right of the homepage and select 'Forgot password' from the pop-up.

My question isn't answered here.

You can contact us with any other questions - just call 01535 656 555 or email us at

September 2017